Good fishing results for Juliarth 2 with new Osprey Doors

The French fishing vessel, Juliarth 2, has taken delivery of a new set of Osprey trawl doors, with the skipper pleased with their performance and the fuel savings achieved.

The Juliarth 2, skippered by Arnaud Dufourcq, is based at Le Grau-du-Roi on the Mediterranean coast, and the fishing results with the new Osprey doors have been good.

The Osprey is a semi-pelagic trawl door, and its special design ensures there is lower drag, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

Amaury Hervé, sales representative for Morgère, said: “Arnaud is happy with the performance of these new trawl doors. The trawl performs well, with the added benefit of there being reduced diesel consumption compared with before.”